A Bit About Me

Ko Maungakiekie te maunga
Ko Waitematā te whanga
Ko Greenwood te iwi
Ko Littlewood te hapū
Ko Clinton te whanau
Ko Ngāmotu tōku kāinga ināianei
Ko Amanda Clinton-Gohdes tōku ingoa

I am a lawyer and a scientist with a heart for the community. I have experience in research, tertiary student support, equity advice, property and commercial law, and governance in the community sector. I have a Bachelor of Science and an Honours degree in Law, with a focus on policy.  I am a Trustee of Dress for Success New Plymouth, serve on the Council of the New Zealand Law Society Taranaki branch and have held many volunteer roles, including being a volunteer at Taranaki Retreat. I am currently in my second year of studying Te Reo Māori.

In June 2019, I resigned from my role as a commercial and property lawyer to run for New Plymouth District Council. I’m serious about this – I’m determined that, through all the changes ahead of us, New Plymouth will continue to be a place we are proud of.

Here’s why I can do the job:

  • I know what it means to work with complex problems and long reports. I’m the person who sifts through the fluff and can tell you the parts that really matter.
  • I am also a listener and a facilitator. I will listen to what matters to you, advocate for your ideas, and share your perspectives. I’m passionate about connecting people with different skills and viewpoints, and collaborating to come up with excellent solutions.
  • Most importantly, I am led by my values –  courage, clarity, excellence, and compassion. I have many privileges in life, but I have also faced many challenges – challenges which have shaped me to be both empathetic and resilient.

I will bring all of these attributes to the role of Councillor, and I will dedicate myself to the future of our region and our community.

Amanda has a maturity beyond her years and a proven track record of achievement. She makes things happen. Council needs more bright young minds around the table and Amanda Clinton-Gohdes fits the bill admirably

Roy Weaver
New Plymouth District Councillor 2015-2019

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