What I Will Work For


Ensure each person in our community is supported, and that Council doesn’t just consult, but connects with everyone. I want us all to feel like Council is working with and for us.

  • Connect better with the community through being visible, present, and communicating clearly about issues and plans.
  • Ensure that young people have a say in our future and can see the relevance of Council to their lives.
  • Help to ensure that people have adequate housing, through facilitating conversations across sectors and investigating ways Council can assist.
  • Make values-based decisions about spending, which includes making sure that investments benefit all people, rather than a select few.
  • Work with iwi and hapū to ensure that the Council is being a true Treaty partner


Protect our environment from the pressures of climate change and waste, for today and for our children and grandchildren.

  • Ensure that we take more climate action: 
  • Make climate change the lens through which we make each decision
  • Create policies and infrastructure that support people to reduce household and transport emissions
  • Support our farmers to transform their practices to put less pressure on the environment.
  • Continue New Plymouth’s commitment to zero waste and accelerate progress; provide more options for businesses to reduce waste, and more education about recycling and reduction of household waste.


Transition to an innovative, inclusive, low emissions economy, while making sure that no one is left behind.

  • Create infrastructure and a culture for innovative people and businesses to flourish.
  • Drive more training and internship opportunities for young people.
  • Collaborate effectively with businesses to create jobs and investment opportunities.
  • Promote our region nationally to attract and retain talent.
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